Tuesday, May 18, 2010


First of all, I would like to thank my friend Emily for getting New Order stuck in my head. I hadn't heard Ceremony in forevvver, and it's a nice change from the bluegrass that I've been singing all weekend :D

Yesterday was pretty alright. I did lunch with my friend Krystal at our favorite dive, Carnita's Queretaro. I'm super happy that she's going vegetarian again, so that now I have someone to share my meals with! We split a Mil Amores (Thousand Loves, ooh la la) salad, and moved on to delicious potato bean and cheese burrito. No pictures of that because I was ravenous and totally was not thinking about pictures at the time.

Then we went out with her and her friend Ziad and they taught me how to drive. Because I swear to god, I am going to get my stupid license if it kills me!!!!!! Geez! But I actually did super well considering that I hadn't been behind the wheel of a car in almost a year. In fact, maybe just a couple more drives and I'll be set to get my license? Maybe? Hopefully.... Anyway we drove around all over the place until they decided to go check out a potential "ghost hunting spot."

Now, Krystal, is a bit of a chicken, but I have to give her credit because she seems always down to go ghost hunting. But this particular spot was waaaaaaay out in the boonies. Like, down by Horizon City kind of boonies. It's like this ruined gazebo thing that is next to some old abandoned "haunted" house where people do like Satanic rituals and things like that. But when we got to the gazebo, it was really hard to believe that it was anything close to Satanic because it was so beautiful. The pillars of the gazebo looked like we were standing in some sort of Roman ruin, and the sun was shining, and it overlooked farming fields and you could just make out the horizon of the west side. Gah, it was so pretty. Luckily I took pictures this time.

Okay, okay. I only took one picture because after that I got distracted by a troupe of quail that were walking by! I freaking love quail. And there were bunnies everywhere too. It was a nature filled afternoon and it was really peaceful too considering I was standing on site that was supposedly haunted.

And guess who was the lucky fella who got to drives us home all the way from the ends of the east side? Me!!! Of course. Although I don't know where they got the idea to stick me on the freeway on my first day. But eh. We made it.

Although I am sad to report that there probably won't be very many pictures for awhile. My point and shoot is on it's last leg, and unless I can somehow make money appear in my pocket to buy myself an SLR, I'm doomed. Which sucks, because I really wanted a new camera just in case that trip to Frisco does work out in the end. On the other hand, the camera I am eyeing is worth probably the same amount as a trip to Frisco.
Everyone, meet the Canon Rebel.

Oh!! And I almost forgot about that meme thing.

Day 2. What is your favourite movie ever?
Well, I don't know that this is my favourite movie ever ever. But is certainly is one of my very very top favorites.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I haven't met a single person who hasn't fallen in love with this movie after they've seen it and I can understand why.
Also, Derick and I have deemed this "our" movie. Teehee. I know, it's corny, but it reminds us a lot of one another. And besides, it's just one of those snuggle up on a rainy day with your love kinds of movies. Right?


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