Thursday, May 13, 2010

Miracle Drug

Even though I've been diggin' A.C. Newman a lot more than I ever have before in my life (hence title Miracle Drug), this New Pornographers song has been stuck in my head since it was released about a week ago on their new album. You should give it a listen, but I warn you, it's pretty catchy D:

This day was pretty okay. I use "okay" tentatively though.
This morning was crazy.
So I woke up at seven thirty-ish so that I could catch my eight twenty-ish bus to school so that I could take my 10am American History from 1865 final. Needless to say the bus was waaay late, and I made it to school with a good amount of time to spare. But sitting in El Paso morning sun waiting for a bus that I thought was never coming started making me suuuuper anxious. I ran some errands at school, feeling fine the whole time, but then things didn't start feeling very well at all. Everything got really spinny, and my mind couldn't stop racing, and my breaths started getting a lot more shallow, and my stomach started feeling very topsy turvey, until the next thing I know I'm kneeling in front of a toilet, and being really thankful that no one else was in the bathroom with me :/

Honestly, I don't know what happened, like yeah, I've gotten anxiety attacks before, but nothing like this. Usually I'm pretty good about putting a stopper on things like that before they get to me. But for some reason, I worked myself up into such a tizzy that it made me sick. I feel like a five year old :/

I don't know where this anxiety is coming from though. I think it started last night, when right before I tried going to sleep. I thought one thought, and then it turned into another thought, and another, and another, until my mind was going a mile a minute.
Luckily Derick called to say goodnight. And so he got to get an earful of me ranting, and crying, and raving like I was going nuts. Poor guy, all he wanted to do was say goodnight :(

Things started looking up after my little "incident" though. I think I did really well on my history test.
At least I feel like I did well
I hope that I did well...

Then I went off to my last day of Design and had my Woody Allens critiqued. As a class we decided that Mr. Complimentary Allen looked more like a Complimentary Bill Nye the science guy. And we decided that I should do a series of guys that just look like my Woody Allens.
For instance:
Orville Redenbacher (popcorn guy)
And Where's Waldo

So then I just came home and passed out the moment I did :/ and after I publish this, I think I'll probably just pass out again.
Tomorrow is the first day of my summer so tonight, I think I'm probably just going to catch up on all of the sleeping that I didn't do this semester ;)
I hope you guys will do the same :D

P.S. Whenever I'm working on a new post, all it does is give me html and not actual images. Working with html makes me nervous so if anyone can tell me how to change it back, I'd love you forever!

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