Saturday, May 15, 2010

I think I may have turned...

Into a bluegrass lover

I'm sorry that I'm always shoving music down your throats at the very beginning of my entries. Like it's a pre-requisite to be able to read the rest of my blog. But this song has been one of those that has recently embedded itself into my head and heart.
It's a song that I've been playing loudly and on repeat for the past couple of days, which in my opinion, is the only proper way to appreciate a newly found and loved song.

Last night was super fun. I spent pretty much all of it with my handsome devil of a man. Have I mentioned how much I love that guy? I know I have, but I'm in a love-y kind of mood right now and I just want to keep saying it over and over until the world stops spinning.

It wasn't even a truly eventful night, but I consider every second of time that I get to spend with him a treat.

First he came over and we got in some cuddle time. We were actually supposed to go to the movies, but we got a bit lazy and kept putting it off until there weren't any showings left.
"What time is it babe?"
" ten?"
"What time was our showing?"
"Oh, well we can just catch the next one."

And it went on pretty much like that until we just kind of figured that the movie thing wasn't going to happen.
From there we went to a park and sat in the car for hours and just talked. I love just talking, especially just talking with Derick because he comes up with some pretty wild notions. And hearing the thoughts that float around in his head is my idea of a good time.
From there we made a burger king run and swung by his place to watch the very first Ironman, which I had never seen. Actually, the movie that we were supposed to go see was Ironman 2 but we both agreed that it would be irresponsible to watch it if I hadn't actually seen the first one.

Looking back, it wasn't a very eventful night but I had so much fun. I think it's because it's slowly starting to turn into summer and summer nights are always a blast, even when you're not really doing much of anything.

Tonight should be pretty eventful though. Derick and I were invited to a graduation party for one of his friends. This sounds like it should be fun because I love the person whose party it is, and I get to dress up! The party is for one of Derick's long time friends, and her husband is throwing it for her at his parent's house because they have a huge backyard. My only concern is that it's a barbeque, and I'm kind of the antithesis of barbeque, what with being a leaf-eater and all. But either way it should be a really great night.
Derick said we might even try going to see Ironman again if we're not too lazy this time :)

Well that's it for my squishy, emotionally driven post :)
Have a great day Bloggerland.

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