Monday, April 12, 2010

Kerouac Alley

Regarding yesterday's post, I never did go to ballet.. I was too lazy, and instead went to my love's house and cuddled. It was a pretty uneventful day actually, but time seemed to fly by so fast.

That's what I hate about the year turning into summer. If you're like me and you try to judge the time based on where the sun is in the sky, you understand how warmer weather messes everything up. You look at the sky, the sun is barely going down, you think "oh nice! I have all the time in the world." And then BAM! It's nine o' clock, and if you're also like me, the will to work on anything also ends at nine o' clock.

Speaking of work: I miss it. I'm starting to realize, I'm not a beatnik, and I could never possibly be a beatnik. I admire the philosophy though. Being perfectly content with not having anything really, but still being perfectly happy about it. The fact that I can't be like that anymore scares me so badly. I need the security of a job, and I need to know that I'm providing for myself, and for my future and for anyone else who needs the money that my job provides. Also, it's killing me to just be doing nothing. ALL DAY

If anything, this whole going without a job nonsense has just made me feel stressed and guilty. It feels like I've taken several steps back instead of forward. And it's so frustrating.
But we'll see, hopefully things will look up, and I'll be back in the job market in no time.

P.S. Anyone know of any server openings anywhere???

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