Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I haven't really been updating these past couple of days. Mainly because I've been dizzy and sluggish. It's odd. Lots of lightheadedness no matter what I do. Oh well, I'm sure it will pass.

Also, I've been battling off a sinus infection. And I actually think that I may be winning the fight with the help of these guys: Featured left: Echinacea, Oregano oil (sooo hardcore) and Vitamin C.
I've actually been feeling pretty weathered lately, and it's starting to get to me because usually around spring time, I'm feeling pretty chipper. Hopefully this all just goes away really soon.

School wise, things are alrighty since the last time I wrote. My art history II class is finally starting to interest me now that we're out of the Greeks and Romans. Not that they're not interesting, it's just that their art is exactly the same.

Can you tell the difference???

And to be honest, I've never cared much for either civilization anyway. Now, we're going into Late Antiquity and I never thought that I would say this but I've never been more excited to study me some Christian Art. I'm also getting really stressed over a documentary that I have to film for English. I say "I" even though it's a group project because I seem to be the only person in the group who really cares if it gets done or not. Ugh. This is why I hate working in groups...

And finally my life in general is kind of lacking I suppose. I have major cabin fever and I've never been more anxious to go out on adventures. But I have no one to go out on those adventures with. Especially now that the mister is expecting the return of his damn xbox. I'll never see him again :(

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