Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mini Adventures part 2

I've realized that I don't give my blogspot as much attention as my
tumblr, so here is an image dense post to make up for lost time:

I've been having a lot of solo mini adventures lately. Today I went to the mall
I ate lunch at the Greenery:
I ate potato soup
(featured left)

And I ate what's called a Garden Pita (featured right) Not too bad actually. It's like a veggie pattie inside a pita that stuffed with bean sprouts. And dressed with a sort of Americanized tzatziki sauce. Not bad at all. It was tasty as well as filling.

I also bought a set of beauty products that I really didn't mean to buy. I usually try to avoid the Dead Sea kiosk. But the line that got me today was when Salesman said "This will really help with your nose." I happen to have a zit
on my nose that I'm a bit sensitive about, and that was a great sales pitch. Featured left: Onsen Facial
Peel & Obey Your Body kiwi body scrub. (he threw that in for free!)

I also bought a pair of earrings to go with a new dress (not featured). They were hardcore and made my ears hurt. So I stripped them. Here are the earrings after I ripped them apart pl
aced next to all of the left over metal:

And here is my ear wearing one of those earrings:


  1. Is the Greenery a new restaurant? Is it expensive? Also, your earrings are super pretty! :] Hope that facial care stuff works out also.

  2. No the Greenery has been around for awhile, it's downstairs at the mall next to sears, and yeah it does get expensive depending on what you order but sometimes you can get great lunch deals!

    and thanks lady! apparently that line of body stuff in general is organic, so I'll be sure to give some reviews!

  3. Oh shiiiiiet, I think I've eaten there now that I think about it. I must not have gotten the good lunch deal because it was expensive! :(

    Yay for reviews! I like them a lot. Weee!

  4. I really think this post would have been complete if it had a picture of the zit. =)

  5. Psh. I think this post would have been censored by the FCC if it had a picture of the zit D: